L: So, ready to help with some intelligence work? We've got to find out what those gnomes are up to.

>>I'll give it a try. L: You'll find a little Gnomish Courier scurrying along the path between the lawn gnomes fortress and the Goof course. I want you to rough him up and grab his battle plans, then bring them to me.

>>Nah, I've got better things to do. L: Fine, go have fun. I'll just stand here, all alone, and try to prevent the destruction of Barton Town by myself.

L:Hey, you're back! Do you have any battle plans, then?

Here you go. I can't make any sense of them.

L: Well, let me see... that could be an 'a,' if you tilt your head right. Is that... a little picture of a windmill? Or maybe it's a cactus. And that could a little campfire, or a sword...

L: Sword plus windmill? I guess it could mean they are going to attack Barton Town. What do you think?

>>I have no idea. For all I know, it could be a grocery list. L:Well, I guess we'd better be on the safe side. You should take those plans up to Clara, my second in command. She's been keeping a close eye on the Village Greens, so she'll have a valuable second opinion.

>>This is indisputable proof of a gnomish plot to invade Barton. L:Really? Wow, maybe you're right... you'd better take these plans up to Clara, my second in command. If this is proof of a gnomish attack, she'll muster the troops to take immediate action.

>>I'll have them to her in no time. She's posted by the south gate in Barton Town. Let me know what she says.

>>I'm a litte swamped right now, Leon. Maybe another time. What? Seriously? But we've got the plans and everything! Well, come see me again if you get a chance. (decline next quest)

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