This article is about the Quest called "Gramster Goo". For the item, see Gramster Goo (item)

Gramster Goo
Start NPC Nicolae - Barton Town (A-3)
Requirements Max CL of 1.5
Repeatable No
Items needed
Quest chronology
Previous quest Peelungers on Parade
Next quest Back Pressure


  • Speak with Nicolae to accept this quest.
  • Enter the sewers (entrance at Barton Town's manhole at C-1).
    • Defeat Gooey Gramsters.
      • Collect 5 Gramster Goos.
      • Make sure to attack the right Gramsters -- there are regular Gramsters, known as just Gramsters and Gooey Gramsters although the two are identical. Only Gooey Gramsters drop Gramster Goo.
      • Both types of Gramsters have pack mentalities so you won't need to check individuals if you find a group.
  • Return to Nicolae for reward.


Your CL level has to be under 1.5 in order for the Gramsters to drop the Goo. If your CL is over 1.5, talk to Trixie in the Null Chamber about CL Suppression.

Game DescriptionEdit

Client: Nicolae (Barton Town)


Nicolae wants to understand more about Gramsters. Why are they like the Grunnies? Why are they infesting the Sewers suddenly? He wants you to bring back samples of the Goo these particular Gramsters are filled with so he can examine it's properties.

Game ScriptEdit

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