Location: Bill's Ranch
Duration: 20 minutes
CL Limit: None
Badge: Stop That Grucken Around
That's Grucken Amazing!
Possible Rewards: Gaia Gold Gaia Gold
Charge Orb Charge orb
Grucken Feather Grucken Feather

Walkthrough Edit

  • Capture the running Gruckens in the farming area of the map.
  • Every time you capture a Grucken, return to the well (D-4) and throw them into it.
  • Repeat until the mini-event ends. At the end you are rewarded for the number of Gruckens you drop in the well.

Details Edit

In-game description Edit

Someone has fed G-Virus to the chickens in Bill's Ranch. They've mutated into green monstrosities known as Gruckens and now Bill's family needs you to help get rid of them!

  • Gruckens spawn fairly often at random anywhere on Rancher Bill's fields while this event runs. (They don't spawn elsewhere in the zone).
  • There is a maximum to the number of Gruckens that spawn, so the only reliable way to make more appear is to throw some of the existing ones down the well.

Dialogs Edit

  • Purvis: Buh-dur, we got some weird lookin' chickens runnin' 'round the field. Pa wants them gone. Grabem and stuffem down the well like muh feelins fer Rubella!
  • Rancher Bill: Durn-it, we showed them Gruckens! They're all gone. Thanks, everyone!

Notes Edit

  • The Gruckens are very fast, so it is advised to bring buffs that increase your speed.

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