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Connecting Areas Edit



Deadman's Shadow - Exit after Boss Battle
Bill's Ranch - Bridge (One way exit)

Involved in Quests/Missions Edit

Quest Type Starter Location
Kick Out Alastor General Von Helson Twins Dead Man's Pass

NPCs Found Here Edit

Name Location Type
Von Helson Twins N/A Quest Giver

Mobs Found Here Edit

  • None

Notes Edit

  • The House on the Hill was first shown in a screenshot by [ JK ], in a thread he created for discussing zOMG!'s UI.[1]
    Therefore, it was for a long time assumed that the area was actually in the game, although only Game Developers had access to it until the release of Deadman's Shadow.

References Edit

  1. Gaia Thread: UI (user interface) elements in zOMG!. [ JK ] (Jun 18, 2010).