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This article describes a feature which is either temporarily not available, or has been removed entirely from zOMG!.
Bogie towns

Bogie as formerly seen in Towns.

Yappie towns

Yappie as formerly seen in Towns.

Feebie towns

Feebie as formerly seen in Towns.

The HyperNet is a database containing the AI-thoughts of the bots of Aekea. The AIs have given Gaians access to this database through robots located in several areas of Gaia.

At the moment, the HyperNet only gives information about the HyperNet itself, the area it's located in, and the gameplay basics. However, in update S43100 it was stated that it will "will be expanded further in the future."

In-Game info Edit

Origins of the HyperNet

The town of Aekea is well-known for its AI (artificial intelligence) personalities.
Those AIs move around in robotic bodies, but they aren't constrained to those mere metal forms.
The vast intellects of the AIs dwell within a cyberspace area that they call the 'HyperNet'.
The AIs decided long ago to let Gaians access that thoughtsphere and tap it for data when needed.
Try not to think too hard about the fact that you're rummaging around in someone's mind for this information.

HyperNet locations Edit

Notes Edit

  • When opening each HyperNet topic the first time, the player is given some gold and orbs.
  • The robots used to access the HyperHet are Bogie, Yappie, and Feebie, the robots which formerly respectively took care of user's bugs, flowers, and trash in Towns.