Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
Occupation: Owner of Barton Boutique
Status: Alive
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About this image
Barton Town (D-2)
Type: Quest NPC
Location: Barton Town (D-2)

Involved in Quests:


  • He has been on Gaia since 2003.
  • He owns a talking cat named Rufus.
  • Ian's half-siblings are the Von Helson Twins, his brother is Louie Von Helson.
  • To portray himself as human, Ian had brown eyes and blond hair.

    Historical Background

Ian (also known as Damian Von Helson) is a half vampire of the Von Helson family. For the longest time he was viewed as being human, only to later discover his past in 2007 along with reuniting with his brother. Despite being of the vampire race, Ian continues to remain humble and open to those around him.

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