C: Welcome back to Channel Nine News. I am Cindy Donovinh. Let's go to (name).

>>Thanks, Cindy. After the break I'll be interviewing James at the Tavern, west of the fountain.

C: Thanks, (name). We'll look forward to your interview.

J: Hey, did you hear the one about the guard that thought she was a mime?

I am here to interview you for Channel Nine News. Do you have time?

J: Are you sure you wouldn't rather interview Margaret? Regular chatter-box that one!

Very funny. So tell me, James, how is your new post at the Guild Hall treating you?

J: Oh, it's great. Way better than my last post with Margaret. With the forums nearby there's always someone to talk to.

Would you recommend the forums to new Gaians?

J: Definitely! They're the best place to meet people and sometime they're just a riot. Don't tell Leon, but I usually spend most of my shift there!

Your secret is safe with me. Well, that's all we have time for today. Back to Cindy Donovinh in the Channel Nine News studio.

C: Once again, that was Channel Nine's very own roving reporter, (name), with an interview of James. Thanks (name).

Thank you Cindy. That James is quite a character!

C: Channel Nine News report, (name), recently interviewed Julian about the boy who fell down the northwest well.

>>Thanks Cindy, I'll be bringing you that story after these messages.

>>Back to me? No, Cindy, back to you.

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