C: Good evening and welcome to the Channel Nine News, your source for the Zurg, the Animated, G-Corp, and everything else Gaia. This is Cindy Donovinh reporting.

>>Reporting? Uhm, reporting what?

C: I'm here, live, with... I'm sorry, what did you say your name was?

>>You're interviewing me? There isn't even a camera here!

C: CUT! Can we talk, off the record?

Off the record? What are you...? Nevermind. Sure. Let's talk 'off the record.'

C: Channel 9 employs a number of roving reporters to bring Gaia the most comprehensive news programming on television. We're always looking for new talent, but if you don't have anything to say, I can't use you. Get out there and get me a story!

>> A story? Where am I suppose to find a story?

C: Coming after the break, (name) has a live interview with one of Barton Town's newest Gaians, NewBea, at the fountain in the center of town.


Hello, NewBea. This is (name), with Channel Nine News. I'd like to ask you a few questions.

N: OK! Sounds like fun. HEHE!

Okay, let's begin. How long have you been in Gaia?

N: Oh! I just got here! Can I have some gold?

Maybe later. What has your time in Gaia been like so far? Are the people nice or mean?

N: Some people have been really nice! They gave me gold! Others have been mean, any just yell at me when I ask for gold. Very mean. Don't they know I'm new and don't have any?

What brings you to the fountain?

N: I got lost trying to find the forums. I'm just here to chat! Hehehe!

Thank you for your time, NewBea. For Channel Nine News this is (name). Now back to Cindy Donovinh in the studio.

C: Can I have some gold? PLEEEEEZ?!?

All right! Enough already!

C: And now, here is (name) with a special report on a new citizen of Barton Town, NewBea.

No, Cindy, I broadcast the interview 'live.' Didn't you watch it?

C: Of course I did! Another fine example of breaking news from Channel Nine. Are you ready for your second interview?

>>Yes. Who am I interviewing next?

>>Not yet. It's time for a break. We'll be back after these messages.

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