The Inventory is where the ringsorbspower-ups and recipes are kept. It is similar to Gaia "Towns" but much complex and specific in detail. The difference between the two is that zOMG!'s inventory automatically saves the orbs, rings, loot, etc. to the player's main inventory while in Towns it doesn't.


  • Inventory

    The Inventory when opened up.

    It serves as the "Storage" in the game and plays a major role in the player's improvement throughout the game. To open the Inventory, simply click the white bag on the center of the "Ring Tray".
  • You can also open it by pressing its hotkey "R" on the keyboard or what key is assigned to it.


The Inventory have a very simple function. These are:

  • For showing the items(loot) the player got in-game.
  • For storage of powerups and summons bought from the Store or Marketplace.
  • For showing the recipes and how many are needed to complete the recipe.
  • For upgrading the rings and storing the extra rings the player got.


The Inventory has 4 sections namely:

  • Rings - This is where you store your rings that you absolutely cannot carry on your ring slots or the rings you usually don't bring out.
  • Powerups - This sections is where the unused/stored powerups are placed. You can freely store powerups in here if your powerup slots are full.
  • Loot - This section shows the all of the loot and no. of the specific loot you have collected so far in the game.
  • Recipes - The section that shows all the recipes you can craft and the details regarding on your progress for the completion of a certain recipe.
Note that the Inventory will have more features in the future updates, but for now, these are the present features of the Inventory.


  • Back in development of the game back in 2007(or even as early as 2004 in the predevelopment stages), they really take the concept of the Town's Inventory system since this is the only available idea for the Inventory at that time. But, they had decided to create a new Inventory system for the Town's Inventory system was "out" in the style of the game.