(after killing the doll) K: Have you found my doll yet?

I know that I found it...but I can't guarantee that I destroyed it. not permanently anyway. These things just appear out of thin air!

K: I wondered how so many could come from just my one little doll. What did you see?

I'm not sure. The dolls seem to be marching with great purpose, but just in a big circle, and they don't seem to be...*doing*...anything!

K: even though they look smart, perhaps they're just playing some pattern over and over again?

That's a good way to describe it!

K: Okay. That makes me feel better. Like perhaps they're less likely to suddenly change their minds about the shard and come charging in here.

I think you're okay on that front, Katsumi. At least for now.

K: Thank you ever so much, (name). I am grateful to you for your help. Please accept this gift for your troubles.

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