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Katsumi's Kokeshi Doll

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Katsumi's Kokeshi Doll
Start NPC Katsumi - Zen Gardens (B-6)
Requirements CL 3.0 - 4.1
Repeatable No
Quest chronology
Previous quest Find Uncle Kin
Next quest Dream Weaver


  • Talk to Katsumi to accept her quest.
  • Enter the Doll Lair at the southeastern corner of the map.
  • Defeat and survive through waves of Kokeshi Dolls and Cherry Fluffs.
  • Defeat Kat's Doll.
  • Return to Katsumi for your reward.


Best done alone. The more people in your group the stronger the enemies. An alternate plan might be to create a two-man Crew, send them in, and when Katsumi's Kokeshi Doll appears, have one partner become dazed and awaken, adding the rest of the Crew before re-entering. If you decide to solo it, make sure that you have meat and a healing ring for the final fight.


There has been a glitch for this quest where Katsumi will no longer talk to you rendering you unable to finish the quest.

[Both of these have been fixed with the update on 2009-03-12.]

Game DescriptionEdit

Client: Katsumi (B-6, Zen Gardens)

Find Katsumi's Kokeshi Doll and destroy it, if you can.

Game ScriptEdit

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