Kin: Greetings once again, (name). We shall begin with a series of tasks. Each of these simple tasks is vital to our understanding of what is occurring here in the Gardens.

With respect, why don't you just send ninjas to do these tasks?

Kin: My ninjas are busy within the woods, at the moments. We are hard-pressed and we have no resources to spare. We are forced to rely on our friends to accomplish other goals, including friends like yourself.


>>I'm glad to be considered a friend to your clan. What can I do for you?

Kin: Something is...odd...about the way the Animated in this area are acting. There's a strangeness about the way they are grouping and moving around, almost as if something is about to happen.

What sort of thing?

Kin: Well...I don't know. That's what we need to find out. You've already encountered the Kokeshi when you helped Katsumi. Now I'd like you to take on the Taiko Drums that seem to have infested the nearby grassland areas north of the bridges. Find out what you can about them and come back to tell me more after you have struggled against them for a time.

(after killing drums)

Kin: Well done, (name). From what you tell me, the Drums are just wandering about, almost aimlessly, which is quite different than the Kokeshi that you spoke about near the Shrine.

Like night and day, actually. The Kokeshi almost seemed to be automated military, marching in circles. On the other hand, the Taiko were more like free-ranging carnivores, attacking targets of opportunity as they come across them.

Kin: A good report. Please accept this small reward for the scouting you are doing for us.

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