Kin: Hmmm...well...there is a third force in this area. The last few nights, the lanterns themselves seem to be...well...they seem almost haunted.

There are ghosts haunting the lantern racks?

Kin: No, not really. It's another of those strange Animated behaviors. It's like the lanterns come to life, but not really. The ghost lanterns come out of nowhere. The original lanterns still hang on their racks, but the ghost versions keep appearing each night, in greater and greater numbers.

So you need me to see if the lanterns are different than the drums and dolls?

Kin: That's it exactly. Try to find out what you can about them. There must be some sort of pattern to all this madness. It would help us all figure out what's going on.


Kin: So...the doll march, the drums wander, and the lanterns seem to be setting up a haunting of some sort around the lantern racks. That doesn't add up to much.

The only thing that's common is that they seem to appear out of nowhere, as if they're being teleported in from another dimension or something.

Kin: Another dimension...?

Errr...nevermind. I watch a lot of TV...

Kin: Right. I see. Well...I suppose that's about as far out of bounds as magic would be, and neither of those explanations seems as outlandish as it should right now.

Yikes. You're seriously considering magic?

Kin: I have seen many mystical things in my life. At this point, I would not rule out any possible explanation. Thank you for scouting for my clan, the Chyaku Norisu. Let me reward you for your efforts.

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