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This article is currently out of date from a recent patch/update.
Note: Many updates have been made to the game since last time this article was edited.


  • Quicksand/Duneslam sand doesn't disappear.
  • ZzZzZ's of Duct Tape doesn't disappear.

Area SpecificEdit

Null ChamberEdit

  • Can't upgrade/salvage rings... freezes during processing so neither buttons can be clicked again.
  • Game puts player in a place where they can't move away from.
  • Map shows both Low Signal and NPCs as if you're in another area.

Barton TownEdit

Village GreensEdit

Bill's RanchEdit

Bass'ken LakeEdit

Old AqueductEdit

The HiveEdit

Gold BeachEdit

Otami RuinsEdit

Sealab CompoundEdit

  • The roots effect from the Brain Clams does not disappear


Rings show up as Question Marks(Requires 1 or more Refreshes to fix)


  • Quests not giving out rewards.

Repeatable QuestsEdit

At the moment, many repeatable quests NPCs are broken. This includes Arnold, Brody, Ceejay, and Ike.

"Silent" NPCsEdit

These NPCs may not talk to your or turn into an echo, only saying the same thing over and over. Either way, they prevent you from getting rewards or progressing the game: All repeatable quests, Albert, George, Katsumi, Wish Tree, Logan

User InterfaceEdit

  • Chat box occasionally disappears, though you can type in it again to bring it back.
  • Crew chat doesn't show or send your messages, or even messages from others.
  • Crew List Missing Icons: The following don't show up in the crew list: Adrenaline, Athlete, Prankster, Space Trooper.
  • PDA consumes more memory and makes the game slower
  • PDA turns into "lines" of pure disortion, going away after clicking it again or dragging the window
  • Clicking the option button closes the game
  • Leave Crew option does not show up making it impossible to leave crew unless kicked.