Labtech 123
Labtech 123
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Occupation: NeXuS Labtech
Sealab Compound
Type: NPC
Location: Sealab Compound

Involved in Quests:

Chapter One Finale


Labtech 123 guards one of the switches in the Sealab Compound, and after talking to him, unleashes Labtechs and Seacycles that must be defeated.
It is unknown what happened to him after Labtech X's "defeat", but he is most likely still alive.

Due to their avatar's heads being almost identical, Labtech 123 is speculated to be both Frank from the train, and the G-Corp Labtech in the Old Aqueduct. However no official statement has been made about it.

Historical Background

Labtech 123 was the only member of the original G-Corp labtechs, who survived the Zombie Epidemic in 2004.
During 2005 he was able to recreate the G-Virus, which caused the incident one year earlier. Although due to Labtech X's sudden involvement, this led to the Grunny Plague.

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