___: Okay... so how do I find the windmill to hook this thing up?

Logan: Can't you see it from here? It's just over there on the northeast shore of the lake.

___: Of course I can't... all I can see is this scr... nevermind. You wouldn't get it.

Walk to windmill at northeast part of Bass'ken Lake

You hook Logan's contraption into the windmill.

A Flying Giftbox will attack you.

Return to Logan

Logan: How'd it work, bub? Wait, don't tell me, perfectly.

___: I suppose you could say it worked... as a giftbox beacon!

Logan: A what? What's that supposed to mean?

___: I mean it didn't repell the wolf pups at all! All it did was summon a bunch of gift boxes!

Logan: Hah! Well, how do you like that? Are you sure you hooked everything up right?

___: Pretty sure!

Logan: Hrm. I guess we'd better try again.

___: It's not even worth it. Let's just finish up with your G-Team stories so I can move on.

Logan: Bah. If that's your attitude, bub.

End Quest Chain

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