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Machine Repair

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Machine Repair
Start NPC Rancher Bill - Bill's Ranch (C-5)
Badges Ranch Hand
Repeatable No
Quest chronology
Previous quest The Stooce Is Loose

Walkthrough Edit

  • Talk to Rancher Bill to accept the quest.
  • Repair the windmill.
    • It is located to the west of Rancher Bill.
    • Proceed left and as you approach the windmill it will tell you that you have fixed it.
  • Repair the tractor.
    • The tractor is located east from your current location, south of the Null Chamber.
    • Again, as you approach the tractor, a message will appear telling you that you have fixed the tractor.
  • Repair the second windmill.
    • Located north of the field near the haystacks.
    • As you approach the windmill, it will tell you that you have fixed it.
  • Return to Rancher Bill for your reward.

Game DescriptionEdit

Client: Rancher Bill (Southern entrance of the Ranch, Bill's Ranch)

Repair machinery around the ranch for Bill.

Game ScriptEdit

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