B: (name), my friend, you're a lifesaver. We're finally starting to get on top of things 'ere on the ranch and it's all thanks to yer 'elp! If'n yer interested, I gots something else could use yer touch.

>>Sure, what do you need help with?

B: I knew I could count on (name)! Anyway, now that ya got my garlic back in the groun' we can see about clerin' up the mess they made. Rubella an' Purvis seem to 'ave the cows and chickens purty well in 'and, but I'm none to 'opeful when it comes to 'em fixin' the tractor and windmills. Seems ta me that'll need someone with figurin' skills like yerselk to remedy. We got two windmills, one west an' one northeast, and the tractor to the east. Fix'em up an' lemme know when yer done.


B: I can see them windmills a'turnin' and a plume of smoke comin' from the tractor. Good work, (name).

>>Would you expect any less from me?

B: No, I've come to expect the utmost from ya. We ne'er woulda got the ranch back up and runnin' without ya. I can't thank ya enough. Listen, 'fore ya 'ead out I'l like to give ya a ring as muh tanks fer 'elpin'.

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