Mark: You there! Stand tall and be recognized! Wait, I don't know you, do I?

No. My name is (name).

Mark: And I am Mark. Left alone to manage the daily tasks of the Barton Regulars in the absence of our commander, Leon.

>>What sort of tasks ar ethose?

Mark: Oh all sorts. Repelling the Animated, gathering information, rescuing Bartonian citizens, and more! We have guards stations all over the Gaia that are in need of another hand or two...even if they're a finger or two short.

>>Alright, you have my attention. Let's get specific.

Mark: I have but one humble task myself, but you may also speak with Albert in the Ranch, Marcy in the Beach, and Jerry in the Ruins. They are all in need of help.

I might as well start with you. What do you need done?

Mark: I'm embarrassed to admit my task is not explicitly a task of the Barton guard. I was on patrol near the Bass'ken Lake recently. When I returned to Barton Town I discovered that I had lost my ring!

Let me guess, you want me to look for it?

Mark: You catch on quickly. I'm sure I must have lost it somewhere on the shore, but I'm not sure where exactly. Don't worry, though, if you're strong enough to manage the Animated there it won't take you long at all to find it.

>>Okay, Mark. I'll help you out.

Mark: Great! I hope it doesn't take too long.


I found a ring in the lake.

Mark: Let me see it!

Okay, take a look.

Mark: Hmmm, this isn't my ring. It's far too heavy. This is terrible. *sigh*

Mark: Well, thanks (name). Who knows, maybe it'll turn up somewhere. Keep an eye out if you're passing through the Bass'ken.

Will do.

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