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  • Mask of Death and Rebirth
    First Form
  • Mask of Death and Rebirth
    Second Form
  • Mask of Death and Rebirth
    Third & Final Form
Zone Level Drops Spawns Notes
Otami Ruins <7.3-7.8>Qmark 8 A, L, K, Duct Tape
A = Aggressive; P = Passive; L = Links; K = Knockback


  • When it loses a large amount of HP it will turn into its 2nd form, which is much stronger. When it's almost dead it turns into its Final form, which is even stronger than that.
  • Spawns mostly near stairs that have a statue of a head similar to theirs in the wall next to it.
  • The number of spawns at that time is determined by how many players are on that screen (ie. 3 people on the screen will spawn 3 masks).
  • Has the ability to inflict sleep in its first form, root you to the ground in its second form, and can inflict fear in its third form. Be careful, and use Iron Will.
  • Masks can use two different attacks: they can cause you to take damage over time, or they will shoot lasers that take a big chunk of your health. However, each mask can only use one ability.
  • Their attack are Sleep, Root and Fear.
  • Root does DoT.
  • Fear does more damage than Sleep.
  • Scaredy Cat can also work on masks, but they usually disappear or run away if you used the ring on them, unless there's walls to block their retreat.
  • They can also be found in Otami Cliffs and Throne Room.