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Memento Detector
Start NPC Marcy - Gold Beach (F-11)
Repeatable No


Memento Detector locations

Map showing the location of the 5 memento detectors.

  • Talk to Marcy to accept the quest.
  • Locate the 5 mementos Jacques lost in Gold Beach.
    • The detector will "beep" when you are close to a memento. It should beep faster when you get close to some, or require several passes. These are the known locations (note map at right):
  • Return to Marcy to complete the quest and receive your reward.

Game DescriptionEdit

Client: Marcy (Gold Beach)


Marcy asked you to search for and recover several mementos lost by Jacques, the lighthouse keeper.

Step Details:

  • Locate the five mementos lost by Jacques in Gold Beach. Listen for the frequency of your detector's beeps. The faster it beeps, the closer you are to a memento.
  • Qmark

Game ScriptEdit

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