Merit in the Eyes of the Spirits
Start NPC Rin - Otami Cliffs (A-4)
Repeatable No
Items needed
Quest chronology
Previous quest Aiding the Twins
Next quest The Gauntlet


  • NOTE: Buying these items or trading them from friends does not count towards the quest.
  • TIP: Instead of killing these animated go chest farming because occasionally you'll get a totem that you need from the chest.
  • NOTE: the items are harder to get as you go along, ex: tropical bird feather is easy to get; spear head is a little harder; you may need to try some for a mace head; finally, depending on your luck, it may be easy or hard for you to get the jewel eye.

Game DescriptionEdit

Client: Rin (A-4, Otami Cliffs)


Rin and Lin wish you to combat the Animated that have taken over the sacred approach to the Temple of Spirits. Each of the types of defilers has a specific token that must be ocllected to prove your worth to speak with the Spirits.

Step Details:

  • Lin's voice speaks in your mind unexpected. "Seek out the Feathered Coatl and find one of their tail plumes as the totem for that creature. I will know when you have it and will speak to you again about the next totem." 0/1
  • Lin echoes in your mind: "The Tiny Terrors carry spears with which they torment the living. Bring one of their spear heads to us as their totem." 0/1
  • Lin speaks to you in your mind: "The Unliving known as the Bladed Vases sometimes contain a spirit of their combatitveness in the shape of a Mace Head. Bring that with you when you return." 0/1
  • Lin speaks to your mind: "The most coveted of the totems of the Unliving is the Jeweled Eye of the Mask of Death and Rebirth. Fight them until you find one of those totems and bring it to us with the others." 0/1
  • Return to Rin and Lin with the offerings you have gathered.

Game ScriptEdit

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