Family: Chest

At most one mimic spawns per room and can either be passive or aggressive. In Yellow Maze, the Mimic is hard-hitting and impossible to reset, making it the biggest threat in the room and usually should be killed first.

In Green Rooms the Mimics are always CL 1.0 and do one damage when aggressive.

Mimic concept

Concept art of Mimic

Zone Level (HP) Drops Spawns Notes

Deadman's Shadow

  • 11.5 (10000 or 340)
  • Gold
At Random TBA
A = Aggressive; P = Passive; L = Links; K = Knockback

Notes Edit

  • Mimics are said to basically be more advanced versions of the animated chests sitting around the maps.
  • CL can be either 11.5 with a 10k health range, or 1.0 with a 400 health range.