K: Gut-mornink! Erm. It iz mornink, ya? I cannot be telling ze time since I losen mine clocken.

(Doesn't matter what you choose)

>>Yeah, it's morning.

K: Oh, thank gutness! I am being lost vithout ze clocken.

What happened to your clock?

K: Ach! Mines clocken! One minute it vas tick-tick-ticking avay ze next it vas running down ze road. Ze Animated has infected mine clocken!

Can't you just track it down and grab it?

K: Nein! I tried but ze skeeters, zer are too many. Zey are fine until I grab ze clock, but zen zey all attacks me! Maybe you can fight zem off?

>>Okay. I'll try to get your clock back for you.

K: Guten! You vill save mine clocken? I followed mine clocken all ze vay from Aekea to ze skeeter hive to the southvest. It seems all the Animated clocks are gathering there and zey are very protective of ze hive! Get mine clocken, but be careful. Ze skeeters vill attacken vhen you take it.

(run in and get the clock)

K: Mine clocken! You saved it from ze skeeters!

I sure did. Anything else I can help with?

K: Since you offered, mine clocken iz schtill Animated! I have been noticing zat ze crystal near ze traktor reverses ze animation. Would you tak mine clocken to the nearby field, nortvest of here, and reverse ze animation?

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