Missing Mika
Start NPC Mark - Barton Town
Jerry - Otami Ruins
Repeatable No
Quest chronology
Next quest Returning Regular

Walkthrough Edit

  • Go to Otami Cliffs, the entrance on in the west. (A-8)
  • Walk up one block then go right one block . Here you'll find Mika. (B-4 ?)
  • After getting her to agree to come back with you, head back to Jerry with her.

If you die at any time and go to the Null Chamber before talking to Jerry after finding Mika, you'll have to start over. She will not be with you. Also, using Diagnosis may make her glitchy if she's in the radius for it. Exclamation

Game Description Edit

Client: Jerry (Otami Ruins)


Jerry is looking for a girl named Mika. He asked you to help find her.

Step Details:

  • Locate Mika on the Otami Cliffs and bring her back to Jerry. If you need help finding your way up to the cliffs, perhaps Blaze can help.
  • Qmark - after finding mika but not having returned her yet

Game Script Edit

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