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Family: Fluff, grass-type

Weak to: Qmark
Strong to: Qmark
Immune to: Qmark

Goof Greens Fluff

Mother Fluff Guard

Zone Level (HP) Drops Spawns Notes
Bass'ken Lake
  • 4.4 (629 HP) Exclamation
  • 4.8 (686 HP) Exclamation
Qmark L
A = Aggressive; P = Passive; L = Links; K = Knockback


  • They are able to heal their allies.
  • Spawned by the Mother Fluff, several guards usually surround her.
  • A group of 3 Mother Fluff Guards often circles the western areas of Bass'ken Lake.
  • Grass Fluffs, also located in Bass'ken, look the same as the Mother Fluff Guard, but are weaker.
  • The Village Greens' Goof Greens Fluffs are also identical, but are much weaker.
  • Mother Fluff Guards do not count as Grass Fluff kills for Logan's Fluffs Ya Puff quest. Check what you are targeting before you attack.
  • There are 2 guards for Goosey, Lucy and Mary Bussey has 4 guards.
  • The guard fluff's CL for Goosey is 4.4, for Lucy and Mary Bussey is 4.8.
  • During battle, they tend to heal themselves quite quickly, making them a challenge.
  • If a carrion flower fluff or grass fluff is attacked that is near them, the guards (and who they are guarding) will also attack.


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