Gender: Female
Race: Human
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About this image
Barton Town - (C-2)
Type: NPC
Location: Barton Town - (C-2)

Involved in Quests:

Interviewing NewBea


  • NewBea is a pun of the words "newbie" or "noob." Her asking for gaia gold is a common stereotype on the perception on "noob" or "newbie" players in many MMORPGs.
  • The attire that NewBea is wearing is described to be "noobish." Her attire can be easily replicated by the following items:
    • Charcoal Bubbles Tankini Top: 465 Gold (NewBea's most expensive attire she is wearing)
    • Berry Snug Lacy Leggings: 2 Gold
    • Berry Snug Balloon Skirt: 2 Gold
    • Empty Aluminum Can: 120 Gold
    • Total value: 589 Gold
      • All the items, with the exception of the Charcoal Bubbles Tankini Top, are available at Junk in the Trunk. The top is available at Gambino Outfitters instead.

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