Location: All Zones
Duration: 15-20 minutes
CL Limit: Appropriate to Zone
Badge: None
Possible Rewards: Charge Orb Charge Orb

Walkthrough Edit

  • Find Charge Orbs before someone else, and damage it (2-10 HP each).

Rewards are given for each Charge Orb you destroy (various amounts of orbs depending on location).

Details Edit

In-game description Edit

G'hi force (lifeforce) has built up to an extreme level in this area and has spilled out spontaneously in the form of Charge Orbs, appearing under bushes, behind trees, underwater, and everywhere!

  • Damage the Charge Orbs with any of your ring powers. It will then *pop* and Charge Orbs will spill out to be absorbed into you.
  • Charge Orbs are "first come, first serve". Part of the game is to get to them before someone else does.
  • If crewed with someone who hits a charge orb, you also receive the reward.

Dialogs Edit

Agatha: G'hi energy is overflowing and pooling into the form of Charge Orbs! Who knows how long it will last! Grab them quick, dearies!

Leon: The G'hi force is eddying all over the place. Charge Orbs are ripe for the picking! Get'em while they're hot!

Purvis: I thot 'Hey! Look at all them eggs! But them aren't eggs! They's ORBS! Y'all help me clean 'em up afore Pa sees 'em, okay?

Katsumi: The lifeforce eddies my Uncle speaks of are now creating Orbs in addition to Animated! Gather them while our luck holds!

Gustav: You Gaians who always fight to get ze ring orbs... you look and see zey appear everywhere! Get zem!

G-Corp Labtech: There is a vast overcharge of latent lifeforce energy in the area, manifesting as Charge Orbs. Fascinating!

Jacques: I spy wit' me goggle eyes, Charge Orbs poppin' out of the sand like fleas! Gather'm, me mates!


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