Example OCL

Overall Charge Level

Overall Charge Level can be associated as your character's "level". Basically the higher your Overall Charge Level is, the stronger you are.

You can see what your current Overall Charge Level is on the top right corner of your screen (default layout), where there is this yellowish ring that appears to be on fire.

In case you need to enter an area with a CL-limit which is lower than your own, it's possible to "cap" your Overall CL through the option in the main menu.  While you can lower your CL limit anywhere, you can only raise it again when you are in the Null Chamber.

Calculation Edit

The calculations for Overall Charge Level is as follows:

  • First take your highest Charge Level (CL) ring and multiply its CL by 8.
  • Take your next highest Charge Level ring and multiply its CL by 7.
  • Continue taking your 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc highest CL rings and multiply their CLs by decreasing numbers.
    (3rd highest--multiply by 6, 4th highest--multiply by 5, etc)
  • Count any empty slots as a ring with a CL of 1.0.
  • Add all your multiplied CL numbers together.
  • Divide your sum by 36, which results your Overall Charge Level.

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