Location: Gold Beach
Duration: 20 minutes
CL Limit: 7.0
Badge: Hunt Harasser
Possible Rewards: Gaia Gold Gaia Gold
Charge Orb Charge orb
Biomorphic Power Cell Biomorphic Power Cell

Walkthrough Edit

Rewards are based on how many P3's you fought during the event, if all 100 P3's are successfully killed before the event ends.

Details Edit

In-game description Edit

The Predator Prairie Pups (P3s) have left the Aqueduct to go on a hunt for trophies. They must be driven back into the Aqueduct without their trophies or they'll soon expand out into the rest of Gaia!

  • This event is similar in nature to "Deadman Spies" in that the P3s have formed patrols to scout through the Beach, looking for "trophies". However, they are hostile to pretty much everything in the area, and you'll see them fighting all kinds of foes as they seek their trophies.
  • Defeat all 100 P3s in 20 minutes or less or the event fails for everyone.

Dialogs Edit

  • Jacques: P3 Punisher - Yar, look lively! Thar be Predators huntin' upon the Beach. Raidin' parties be swarmin' all over. Ye better do somethin' about it!
  • Jacques: Failure! - Avast! Woe be upon ye! The Predators 'ave o'er run the Beach and taken the prey they wished. Ye all 'ave failed me!
  • Jacques: P3wned - Yar, that oughta teach those vile Predators! Methinks they shant be usin' this beach as a huntin' grounds again anytime soon.

Notes Edit

  • P3 Hunter: 6.8 CL (732 HP)
  • P3 Tracker: 6.8 CL (538 HP)

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