Papa Sawn!
Start NPC Gustav - Bass'ken Lake (C-6)
Requirements CL 5.0 or lower
Repeatable No
Quest chronology
Previous quest Cheri's Sister



  • Scaredy Cat and Gumshoe rings work wonders on Papa Saw. They will last longer than they usually should if you keep your distance from him.
  • Or for a faster method, let all 6 members take Hack, Slash, Hornets Nest, Fire Rain, 2 Buffs, 2 Passive Buffs. One person with 1 Buff will take 3 passives. This ringset was designed by MasutaKokoBot(Gaiaonline username), and is called "Ninja PS". The method is to RR4 Fire Rain and to RR1 Hornets Nest. On Papa and Mama Saw, RR4 Hack. The crew will hardly take damage as long as everyone stands close together, which rids the need for any Healing or Crowd Control Rings.

Game DescriptionEdit


Gustav wants you to kill Papa Saw for Aluminum to make a shield.

Game ScriptEdit

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