Pink Flamingo Feathers
Start NPC Rina - Barton Town (C-4)
Repeatable No
Items needed
Quest chronology
Previous quest Rina and Candice
Next quest Candy's Boa


  • Talk to Rina and choose the options listed below:
  • "I think maybe you two are getting a little carried away."
  • "Yes, I suppose you could say that. I'm sure you didn't *mean* to be mean, but making me choose between you and Candice isn't nice."
  • "That would be great, Rina! What can I do to help?"
  • Go to the Village Greens.
  • Kill Pink Flamingos.
    • Collect 10 Pink Flamingo Feathers.
    • Tip! Locate Dina, there's a lone pink flamingo just up north of her. That flamingo drops feathers ALMOST every time you kill it but sometimes it disappears and reappears again.
  • Return to Rina for reward.
    • She'll make Candice a boa and ask you for one last favor.

Game DescriptionEdit

Client: Rina (Barton Town)


Rina wants to make amends with Candice. To do that, she wants to make a boa out of pink flamingo feathers and she asks that you go find those feathers for her.

Game ScriptEdit

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