B: What? That dang boy. I tol' 'im to stop chasin' that girl like a lost puppy. My garlic done 'opped outta the groun' and took off. I got a vampire overlookin' my ranch and no garlic to fight 'im off! I don't got n'time fer girls and poems.

Did you say a vampire?

B: Why d'ya think I grow garlic? Because I like the smell? I'm a rancher, not a farmer. The garlic is fer protection!

So now you have no protection.

B: Well, I did lock the gate to the graveyard... but that won't keep 'em out forever. Dangit! I wish I could git ma garlic back in the groun'.

>>Maybe I could help?

B: Yee-aw! Ya could at that! Jus' grab a bunch, makem stop squirmin', and stick 'em back int he groun'. They's all aroun' the ranch, especially in the woods to the north.

(after planting garlics)

B: Did ya git ma garlic back in the groun'?

You bet I did, Bill. Planted and everything.

B: Finally, some good news! Seems like it's nothin' but bad news lately. While ya were out we was takin' stock of the ranch. My prize cow, Stoocie, has gone missin'!

Missing? Where could a cow go?

B: I sent Purvis after 'er. 'e followed 'er 'oof prints all the way down to the gate to the 'ouse and got skeered. I need ya to take this 'ere key, go there the gate, an' find muh Stoocie.

>>You mean the vampire's house? Sounds like fun. Count me in!

B: Er... yeah! A 'ootin 'ollerin good time! Well, 'ere's the key. Ya can find the gate to the south. There's no reason to go in the 'ouse, though. this seems more like the work of misch... mischiev... rascally underlings.

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