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Plastic Bouquet

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Plastic Bouquet
Start NPC Rina - Barton Town (C-4)
Repeatable No
Items needed
Quest chronology
Previous quest Rina and Candice


  • Speak with Rina and choose the responses listed below:
    • "...But, how could people get confused between you two?"
    • "...The only thing cheap was that comment. I think Candice is cuter and nicer. I'm going to stay her friends with her!"
  • Speak to Candice and choose the responses listed below:
    • "...Sure, Candice Why not? What do you need"
  • Visit the Village Greens.
  • Defeat Pink Flamingos.
  • Return to Candice for your reward.

Game DescriptionEdit



Step Details:

  • Qmark
  • Qmark

Game ScriptEdit

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