Start NPC Maestro - Barton Town (A-1)
Requirements CL 3.2 - 4.0 recommended
Badges Re-Composer
Repeatable Yes (up to seven times)
Items needed


NOTE: You cannot complete this quest by having the items traded to you, purchased via Marketplace to complete this quest, nor any music notes obtained previously before starting this quest.


Wait to complete this quest until you have advanced to Zen Gardens.

NOTE: There are seven (7) total songs to collect. Collect all seven songs and receive the Re-Composer badge.

You have to kill A LOT of Taiko drums. You might try taking the "Gimme a Beat" quest while you do this quest.

Game DescriptionEdit

Client: The Maestro


The Maestro asks that you return sets of notes you find to him so that he can puzzle out to which songs the notes belong.

Game ScriptEdit

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