Recipe: Club of Huitzotl
Description: This recipe lets you combine various ingredients together to create an mighty mace dedicated to the Spirit of Huitzotl.

Resale Price: ???~??? gold/gcash Qmark


Club of Huitzotl Club of Huitzotl

How to ObtainEdit

Tektek's Item Market History Tektek

Gaia Marketplace


  • As a random reward for completing either of these quests, you will receive one of three recipes: Club of Huitzotl, Obsidian Maqhuitl or Spear of Chaloc.

Dropped FromEdit

Name Level Zone
[[<name>]] <level> [[<zone>]]
<level> [[<zone if mob is in more than one>]]
[[<name>]] <level> [[<zone>]]
[[<name>]] (Boss) <level> [[<zone>]]

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