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Rina and Candice

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Rina and Candice
Start NPC Rina - Barton Town (C-4)
Repeatable No
Quest chronology
Next quest Pink Flamingo Feathers or
Rina's Leaves or
Plastic Bouquet


  • Speak with Rina at the flower shop (Barton Town's South Gate) and choose the options listed below:
    • "Sure it is!"
    • "Pet's animals are great!"
    • " everything!"
  • Speak to Candice (Just north of Rina) and choose the option listed below:
    • "...Can't you try being even ditzier?"
  • Talk Rina again.
    • Choose the first option ("But how could people get confuzed between you two") and then first again ("hehehe. Don't worry, Rina. I'd never be friends with that imitator!") To start the quest Rina's Leaves.

Game DescriptionEdit

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  • Qmark

Game ScriptEdit

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