Ring: Hot Foot
Ring hotfoot Ring Hot Foot Alt
Damage 80
Stamina Cost 3.89
Cooldown (secs) 3
DPS 26.667
DPStamina 20.566
Range Extreme
Area of Effect Yes, Around Target
Dodge Debuff


Ring: Hot Foot (Any)
Description: Set your target's feet on fire, causing it pain for several seconds after the attack occurs. While the target is on fire, it also suffers a Dodge penalty, making it easier to hit. Higher Rage Ranks make this ability affect an area around the target.

STATS: for CL 1.0-10.0
Range: Extreme
Targets: Enemy Only
Dodge Debuff: Moderate
Knockback: Feeble
Damage Over Time: Feeble
DoT Duration: Very Short
Recharge Duration: Moderate
Debuff Duration: Short

Rage Ranks

Stamina Cost:
Note: RR1 is a normal attack, no charge

  • RR1: 80 (20*4) Damage
  • RR2: 120 (30*4) Damage + AoE + 20 Dodge Debuff (4s)
  • RR3: 120 (30*4) Damage + AoE + 30 Dodge Debuff (4s)
  • RR4: 160 (40*4) Damage + AoE + 50 Dodge Debuff (4s)

How to Obtain



Dropped From

  • Every ring can now be obtained from any monster and/or chest in any zone.

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