Ring: Sugar Rush
Ring sugarrush Ring Sugar Rush Alt
Range Self
Area of Effect No
Passive Buff

Statistics Edit

Ring: Sugar Rush (Any)
Description: Forget runner's high for speed, this ring gives you a dose of high fructose energy to put an extra spring in your step. So, give it a lick, you'll gain an increase in speed, dodge and willpower. This effect is passive, so no need to activate anything.

Notable Uses:

  • An excellent ring for kiting.
  • If you have the Major Willpower Boost, Iron Will (r4), Fitness, Integrity and Sugar Rush at Cl 12.0 and are a high level, with a near 100 Ghi, you can tank Bloodlust without getting slept.
STATS: for CL 1.0-10.0
Speed: Moderate
Dodge: Weak
Willpower: Weak

Rage Ranks Edit

Stamina Cost: N/A
Note: RR1 is a normal attack, no charge

  • RR1:
  • RR2:
  • RR3:
  • RR4:

How to Obtain Edit

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Note Edit

  • This ring is one of the few which doesn't soulbind itself upon being equipped.