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Ring: Taunt

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Ring: Taunt
Ring taunt Ring Taunt Alt
Range Long
Area of Effect Yes
Taunt, Dodge Debuff


Ring: Taunt (Any)
Description: Sometimes, you need to pull enemies away from your friends. This ring does the trick, making foes in an area angered at you for a while. Higher Rage Ranks increase the area affected and the strength of the Taunt. The highest Rage Ranks also make your foes tremble, draining their Dodge for a time.

STATS: for CL 1.0-10.0
Range: Long
Targets: Enemy Only
CC Duration: Very Long
Knockback: Strong Qmark
Recharge Duration: Moderate
Crowd Control: Tiny

Rage Ranks

Stamina Cost:
Note: RR1 is a normal attack, no charge

  • RR1:
  • RR2:
  • RR3:
  • RR4:

How to Obtain



Dropped From

  • Every ring can now be obtained from any monster and/or chest in any zone.



Gaia zOMG - Taunt00:32

Gaia zOMG - Taunt

Taunt in Action

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