Family: Fluff, sand-type

Sand Fluff

Sand Fluff

Zone Level (HP) Drops Spawns Notes
Gold Beach
  • 6.0 (264 HP)
  • 6.1 (268 HP)
  • 6.2 (273 HP)
  • 6.3 (277 HP)
  • 6.4 (282 HP)
  • 6.6 (290 HP)
Qmark<spawns> L, Quicksand
A = Aggressive; P = Passive; L = Links; K = Knockback


  • Sand Fluffs use footspeed debuff to prevent you from running away. Can be countered with Coyote Spirit and/or Fleet Feet.
  • Their attack does Damage over Time (DoT), appearing to be a rapid series of attacks and then a pause for a few seconds.
  • The Village Greens' Sand Trap Fluffs are similar in appearance, but are much weaker.


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