R: Ready for a tougher challenge now?

>>I hope you're got something tougher than that flamingo task. Bring it on!

R: Okay. You want tougher? You've got it. The lawn gnomes use those darn mushroom cannons to good effect and the cannons are tough, like they're armored!

All what do you need?

R: Take your it safely...but take out a bunch of those cannons and gather a sampling of their mushroom tops. Bring them back and we'll talk about what to do next.

You bet! I'm on it.

R: So...what's that big grin on your face for then?

Mission accomplished!

R: Well done! Congratulations are most definitely in order. Leon likes us to reward citizens that help out in times of crisis, so here you go!

Great! Thanks!

R: Okay, I admit it. I don't need those mushroom tops at all. You keep 'em. I was testing you to see if you had the guts to handle a really tough mission. In fact, I wouldn't suggest you try this without forming a Crew to help out. Interested? (this is the next quest)

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