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Spear Me The Lies
Start NPC Morgan - Otami Ruins (G-4)
Requirements CL 8.5 or lower
Repeatable Yes
Items needed
Quest chronology
Previous quest Tiny Troubles


  • Speak with Morgan to accept the quest.
  • Defeat Tiny Terrors anywhere in Otami Ruins to gather 20 Spear Heads.
  • Return to Morgan to get your reward.
Notes: The Tiny Terrors need to be near the Blood Tree in order to get credit.

Game DescriptionEdit

Client: Morgan (Otami Ruins)


Morgan wasn't trapped after all, just collecting Spear Heads. Now she wants your help gathering more.

Step Details:

Collect 20 Spear Heads from the Tiny Terrors near the Blood Tree in Otami Ruins.

Game ScriptEdit

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