Family: Taiko Drum

  • Taiko Drum
  • Attacking, with its eyes open
Zone Level (HP) Drops Spawns Notes
Zen Gardens
  • 3.2 (381 HP) Exclamation
  • 3.4 (405 HP) Exclamation
  • 3.5 (417 HP) Exclamation
  • 3.6 (428 HP) Exclamation
  • 3.9 (464 HP) Exclamation
  • 4.0 (476 HP) Exclamation
<spawns> A, K
A = Aggressive; P = Passive; L = Links; K = Knockback


Taiko Drums are Animated Taiko drums found in Zen Gardens, specifically in the northwestern regions near the "entrance" to the Ninja Meadow (A-2). They usually "beat" themselves with a pair of specialized drumsticks, and are usually found in packs. When they find someone, the Drum rushes towards the enemy and attacks with a "lightning crack" appearance and loud "bom bom bom" noise. (You can occasionally see their three eyes while they attack.) When defeated, they start to inflate (a drumroll can be heard), and then explode in a cloud of dust.

  • Able to ACC Debuff on target
  • The attacks they use will cause strong knockback. As such, fighting melee is ill advised. Use ranged attacks or My Density or Space Trooper ring set to counter this.
  • While the attacks will knock you back, the Drums cannot knock you out of the screen you are currently in. Also, while the Drums will knock you back, you can also wait for them to come to you instead of the other way around, as they will leap towards you to attack again.
  • Unlike the other exploding Animated in Zen Gardens, the Cherry Fluff, the drums' death explosion will not cause additional damage.
  • Currently, the Taiko Drum is the only Animated that drops Music Notes, required for the Re-Composing quest.

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