Kin: First, you have earned the reward of seeing to whom you are speaking. I unmask myself in honor of your accomplishments for my clan.

Oh, wow. Thank you, Master Kin!

K: Now we progress to the next stop. For this, you must understand that the ninja are grounded not only in the arts martial, but also in the ways of mysticism.


K: We...see things that other people overlook or don't see at all. What we see now are 'ripples', for lack of a better word.

Ripples? Ripples in what?

K: Ripples in reality. Not just rillples, but eddies as well.

You mean like in a river?

K: Yes, exactly. It's as if the entire countryside is awash in a sea of energy, and where that energy eddies together, the Animated appear.

So you can tell where the Animated are going to appear ahead of time?

K: That would be convenient. But no...not often, nor reliably. however, the normal eddies and ripples we've seen recently seem to be gathering power in an area centering around the bridges in the Garden's center.

You mean we could be facing a major outpouring of Animated there soon?

K: It could be...but those of us with the keenest other sight think that hat we're seeing is the force eddying into three major whirlpools of energy, possibly creating three stronger entities.

You mean the Animated are getting more powerful leadership?

K: Yes. That is what we fear most.

Do you know where these whirlpools of power are forming?

K: They seem to be centering on the bridges in the middle of the Gardens.

>>I'd be happy to go watch the bridges for you. I've fought against the Taikos, the Lanterns, and the Dolls. If they're getting new leaders, I might have a useful edge in the encounter.

K: Very well. I would recommend that you travel back and forth across the bridges in the center of the Gardens. The power of your rings may tip the balance of energy int hose whirlpools and make the new entities appear before they are ready. If that is the case, then you must destroy those entities before they become stronger.

So wander around looking for ambushes then?

K: It is a rare boon that is not purchased with either sweat or pain. You will most likely pay in both those currencies.

ooooh! Deep. time like the present. I hope to see you soon, Kin.

K: Good luck to you, (name)> This is your final trial. Be strong.


K: You have done it! All three of the entities defeated! You have exceeded my wildest expectations and are quite worthy of our honors and accolades!


K: The energy you released is almost certainly still building up, but now that you've discovered the pattern, I'm sure we can have others continue your work at keeping it disrupted.

I'm glad to have helped you recognize the pattern.

K: There will come a day when the Chyaku Norisu clan will have great need of staunch allies. I hope that we can count you as friend when that time comes.

Thank you, Kin. It would be my honour.

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