Logan: Okay, bub. One of my responsibilities here on the lake is to keep an eye on the Todd boy. His dad is an old friend and asked me to look after him while he's off galavanting on some dangerous adventure. Frankly, I'm getting a little tired of trudging over to the water mill every day. Go check up on him, help him out if he needs anything, and then I'll tell you what you want to know.

___: Right. Where can I find this boy?

Logan: Take the bridge across the river and head southwest to the water-wheel. You'll find him in the cabin there.

___: Jesse? Are you in there, Jesse?

Jesse: Who are you? What are you doing here? Go away or I'll sic my dog on you!

___: Woah! Calm down, Logan sent me. I'm friendly!

Jesse: How do I know Logan sent you?

___: Hey, bub, just open'er up ya puff.

Jesse: LOL! That was a great impression of Logan! So why did Logan send you here?

___: To find out how you are and if you need any help.

Jesse: I'd be doing a lot better if you got rid of these wolves.

___: I can do that.

Jesse: How are you going to manage that?

___: I'm sure Logan and I can come up with a plan.

Jesse: Okay, let me know when you and Logan have dealt with the wolves.

Logan: So, I take it you've been to see the Todd boy. How is he?

___: Hold on there, Logan. First things first! You promised me some more information.

Logan: Ok. You got me, bub. Whaddya want to know?

___: You were gonna tell me why you quit G-Team.

Logan: I guess I just got tired of taking care of all the mistakes Gambino was making because of his insanity. It's one thing to take care of a few small problems... it's quite another to babysit a madman.

___: You mean Gambino is crazy? How so?

Logan: The man is obsessed with his own power. Everything he does is for the glorification of his own, massive ego. Do you think a sane person would build a tower like that? And the way he uses his family...

___: What about his family?

Logan: Sorry bub, but that's all I'm prepared to answer for now. Why don't ya let me know how Jesse is and then we'll talk about what you can do next?

___: Right, Jesse.

Logan: How is he?

___: He's afraid to come out of the cabin with all the ghost wolf pups around. He wanted me to see if you had any idea how to get rid of them.

Logan: What?! How am I supposed to do that? Fart?!

___: I'm not sure. I think wolves are really sensitive to sound. Maybe we can find someone to scare them off with a loud noise?

Logan: Hey! That's not a bad idea. We could try using the windmill as an amplifier... that'd make it loud enough to scare them away.

___: Yeah! Let's try it!

Logan: Let's get busy, then. First things first, we're going to need some buzz saw parts. Head across the river and northwest to the old mill and fetch us a Saw Blade.

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