Trip: I'm sorry, friend. I can't let you pass this blockade right now.

Why is that? How else can I get to Durem?

T: Well, to be honest, you can't right now. Durem is completely blocked off. There are some really back things happening along the road past the Reclamation Facility and a number of people that have gone that direction haven't been seen since.

That disappeared?

T: Well...we're pretty sure they were *taken* by the Animated. For what... we don't know. But until the road can be cleared, we're closing it to any other travelers.

That makes sense. But, wow...

T: Yes, wow. We've got troubles here near Barton Town...but from what I've been told, it's nothing like the problems around Durem and Aekea.

You seem to know a lot of someone posted so far from Town.

T: Leon keeps us up to speed...and a lot of people have been by here in the last couple of days. Since there's not a lot to do expect listen to those dang walking drums, we ask a lot of questions. Did you want to know about anything else?

>>Is there anything I can do to help you guards?

T: Those Drums are driving us crazy around here. If you could thin a few of those out, we'd really appreciate it. We'd have to leave our post to do anything about them...and Leon would have our stripes if we did that.

Well...we need all the guards we can get right now.

>> Sure! I can help you out.

T: Great! If you could take out ten or so those dratted Drums, we'd be forever in your debt. Thanks!

You bet. I'll come back after I'm done.


Trip: Fantastic! My name is Trip, by the way. What's your name, friend? I want to mention you to Leon when he comes through.

I'm (name). It was no problem at all.

T: I'm in your debt...I can take these ear plugs out finally!


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