The Gauntlet
Start NPC Rin - Otami Cliffs (A-4)
Repeatable No
Quest chronology
Previous quest Merit in the Eyes of the Spirits
Next quest The Stone Coatl


The Gauntlet takes place on the Otami Cliffs, the entrance from D4.

Once on the Cliffs, make your way across the bridge and to the end fighting all the feathered coatls along the way. You should be across from where you started and you will see the statue Rin was talking about. Before you touch it, use as many buffs on yourself or those in your crew. Then touch the statue.

Now you have to go back to Otami Cliffs' entrance. However, the area now has spawned Otami Animated everywhere and of very high level since it dynamically scales.These animated will all have different names than normal there will now be 3 bladed vases that are near invincible but incredibly slow and there will also be some other animated as you make your way back but these ones are weaker than the vases but if your not a 10.0 then killing them off will be incredibly tough, so it's better to just run (even if you are a 10.0 you still need to run from the vases)

If you're in a crew, if only one person touches the statue while everybody waits near the entrance, the rest of the crew will be teleported to the statue as well. So make haste and run back to the entrance. It's not that hard.

You can also easily solo this quest with a ring set of Coyote Spirit, Fleet Feet, for running and Iron Will to resist the Witch Doctor's sleep spell and use My Density to prevent knockback from all enemies.


See Strategy.

Game DescriptionEdit

Client: Rin (A-4, Otami Cliffs)


To gain what you seek (or what Lin thinks you *should be* seeking), you must first gain the favor of the Spirits that Rin speaks about. To do this, you must be the Gauntlet...whatever that is.

Step Details:

  • High atop the cliffs above the ruins, you must find the idol of Chaloc, touch it, and then survive the Rain Spirit's Gauntlet.
  • Return to Rin now that you have survived the Gauntlet to find out what you must next do to appease the Spirits.

Game ScriptEdit

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