The Lucky Coin
Start NPC William - Barton Town (C-4)
Repeatable No

Walkthrough Edit

  • Talk to William at Barton Town's South Gate.
  • Retrieve the lucky coin.
    • Walk around the fountain in the center of Barton Town until you receive a message telling you you found the coin or you should look somewhere else.
    • If you get the 'somewhere else' message, head up to the well in the northwest corner.
  • Return to William for your reward.


To save time, perform this quest concurrently with the Diary of a Cat quest.

Game DescriptionEdit


William loaned his lucky coin to Alma, but she used it to make a wish, either in the town's central fountain, or up in the well on the north side of the city. William asks you to go find his coin for him.

Game ScriptEdit

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