Hello there. You seem quite...penguin-ish...

W: Beep! beep beepity beep 'William'!

>>Okay. I'm not going to pretend to speak penguin, but I'm betting that you just told me your name is William.

>>What's that? Your name is Willy? And Timmy's in the well, you say? Do you need help? W:??? Beep beep!

hehehe. Don't worry. I was just kidding. I getcha. Your name is William. But listen, I don't get the beepity beep stuff. What are you saying?

W: b-beep beep BEEP 'well' beepers.

'well'? Are you kidding me? There really *is* something going on in the well?


The well across town? Over near the north gate?


But what? You've got to help me out here, buddy!

W: *cough* Okay, listen and I'll make this quick. I loaned my lucky coin to another guard, Alma, yesterday. She says she forgot what it was mine and made a wish at either the town fountain or at the well. If you could find that coin and return it to me, I'd make it worth your while. Honest!

Wow! The peguin talks! What else can you say?

W: Beep! BEEP! beep?

Okay, okay. You're back to being a penguin and that's all I'm ging to get. Gotcha.

>>I'll go hunt around in the fountain and well and see what I can find. No guarantees, but I'll look for your coin, William.

W: Beep Beep BEEEEEEP!

You seem kind of happy. I'm guessing you saw the coin in my hand, eh?

W: Beepity beepity!

You got it, William. Here you go! One lucky coin, as promised!

W: Thanks! And...Carpe Carp!

What? You spoke human again! But...'Carpe Carp'? I've heard of 'Carpe Diem', or 'Seize the Day', but what the heck does 'Carpe Carp' mean?

W: beepity!

Okay, okay. I'll figure it out myself. Well, I'm glad I could help with your coin, and I'll keep my eye out for a siezable carp.

W: buh-beep!

buh-bye to you too.

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